About Us

About Us

Across Ummah CIC was founded in 2017 in order to bring our local community together and solve, help and mitigate crises and problems. It was recognised that Mental health was an issue amongst ethnic minorities in the UK and there was a negative stigma regarding the subject causing it to not be spoken about enough and for those suffering from it, not being able to speak out which led to a lot finding their own ways to cope.

Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Passion

We began raising awareness to the local community through fundraising projects/events where keynote professionals would address some of these issues we face within our community and how to tackle, speak out and prevent these problems.

Since then, we have grown so much and are undertaking and are now collaborating with much larger organisations including the NHS, Children in Need, The Access Foundation and many more to create projects that expand beyond the scope of mental health, we successfully helped impoverished communities in the cost of living crisis, supported children with adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) to ensuring our community is much greener with our recycling campaign. We truly appreciate everything our sponsors have contributed so far. It is part of our mission to tackle all kinds of negative problems/issues we face in our society be it psychological, abuse, environmental or even financial, we aim to provide support and stand as exemplary pillars of our community.

Our vision is to not only spread a positive mindset across the Ummah, but across the entire world, transcending culture, religious beliefs, race, gender and all the divides we like to put between ourselves as human beings. We passionately believe that we are one race and should embrace our differences, live harmoniously together and unite to solve our societal issues on this giant planet we call Earth.


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