The younger generation is our future, and identifying and working through their problems is imperative to our sustainability on the planet for years to come.

Our purpose is to help our youth by navigating them in the right directions, which will help them achieve the most beneficial aspects of life and succeed. By implementing a solid structure in the early stages of their adolescence, they are informed of the right choices they should make and don't feel lost or unsure of how to make the leap from childhood to adulthood.

With the help of professionals, we have gathered a team to help deliver workshops online and in person, counselling, study groups and much more support, specifically for our youths only.

Assistance to Access Work

We provide extra support to our youths who have difficulty in finding work and those who are not in formal education. We fund different courses and training programmes where they can learn new skills, gain valuable work experience and apply them to further enhance their CV making them more valuable to society.

Assistance to Access Work
Youth Update 1
Youth Update 2

BBC CIN project on Saving our Environment

Recycle Together: Uniting for a greener future

3D Animation on Building Trauma-informed Community and Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences

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Food Hub
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